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Why Mobile Ready Foreign Language Websites Can Bring Your Company Revenue

* Emerging market websites: The following is the accepted fact in the world: The people, companies and governments in China/Asia will have more and more spending powers. What do they do when they want to buy anything? Most of them do this: Search in their own Native Language on the Web through their computers or their cell phones, and only the products and services in Chinese/Asian language effective websites will appear at the top of their search results. Therefore, most multi-national companies all have effective Chinese/Asian languages websites for their products and services

* Why Mobile Ready? It is accepted fact that more than half of the population in the emerging markets do not use computer often but they are trying to visit websites with their mobile devices, and this situation is growing. Compare our website ( with your Mobile-Not-Ready websites on any cell phones, you will see the difference.

* How reliable are the websites managed or developed by us? The Web technologies and web server we will use for our clients have been used by several world leading Web tech companies such as, American government websites and also this website.

The details of the above are here:


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Want to learn how to sell to Asian countries? Attend one of Our Insightful Seminars:

The above seminar content and speakers: China/Asia Business Communication expert and Global Web Communication expert - Helen Yu will provide the above critical insights and resources through many topics, and she will invite some government and business executives from China/Asia region as Guest Speaker at each seminar, the guest speaker for each seminar will be different. The details of these seminars are here:

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How much does each of our above global services cost? 

*To get one Mobile-ready English website like this site: You can get highly competitive service and price if you want to get such website from our company;  Special bonus for our new clients before April30/2012: To get one Chinese Web page or website for free or half price.
*To get one Mobile-ready foreign language website or Web page (e.g. Chinese / Asian): Our service and price are very competitive. If you just want to get one Chinese page of your product or services, this Chinese page will be posted at our Chinese language site and the monthly fee for this Chinese page is very affordable for most small organizations. If you want to get the Chinese/Asian language website like this or with more functions, our service and price are very competitive and also affordable for most small organizations.
* The price to invite our experts to deliver Chinese/Asia Market business seminars: The attendants of our seminars will receive discounts on buying our above web services: To get the details of our price, you can contact us through clicking the Green Feedback button at the top of this page, post your questions at the blog pages of this site or email your questions to our company:

Want to Sell Your Products or Skills Fast to China/Asia ? The most effective way is to introduce your product on Chinese website

Coming soon:  The samples and photos of the mobile ready websites developed or managed by our company and the China/Asia market business seminars delivered by our China/Asia business communication expert profess Helen Yu.

More about the above products and services will be posted here later. You are welcome to email us and find out more about the above or tell us how we can help you to export to China/Asia.
Want to learn more about the above and about selling to China/Asian buyers? Please click here: